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Maggie Grace is who?

Maggie later learned how to sit in the chair properly, and was all the more comfortable for it.

Maggie later learned how to sit in the chair properly, and was all the more comfortable for it.

Remember LOST?  I know you might forget about it once in a while because it is only on once every 3 years now.  But I bet you don’t forget the chicks on it.  Kate…Juiet…Hurley’s mom.  But you probably forgot Maggie Grace.  Who played…umm…Shannon?  Was that it?  Remember?  She was banging Sayid and took care of Walt’s dog?  Boone’s sister?

Wow, you know – the more I think about it, the more I realize that  there is no frigging way the Lost guys are gonna remember all that shit when they have to wrap all of this up.  In fact, I am going to call the entire Lost experience a big fat failure if they do not answer the following questions to my satisfaction:

  • Why was Mr. Eko building a church, and what was the church gonna do?  It could not have been for nothing, cause it isn’t like he decided to build a laundromat.
  • How come Libby was in the nuthouse with Hurley?
  • Why did the smoke monster kill the pilot of the plane?

Anyway – what was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  Maggie Grace.  Well, we have a shit ton of Maggie Grace pictures, so get ogling.

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  1. Tina T

    I definitely want to know about the smoke monster and Libby being in the nuthouse with Hurley. Also want to know how they can be stranded for all that time and Hurley has gained weight?

  2. Roschelle

    I’ve got a chair just like that in my bedroom. I think I’ll try that pose

  3. Nehh

    Oh I remember her..annoying girl.. also I want to know about the smoke monster. It’s like if they don’t want to show what happens with particular characters they simply kill them.


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