You too can call us with what seems to be a remote control and make an orgasmy face!

You too can call us with what seems to be a remote control and make an orgasmy face!

So get this – you know that Magic Jack thing on TV?  The one that says you can buy a Magic Jack and plug it into your computer and have a phone for free?  Well, except for paying Magic Jack?  Well it’s true!  It was only $40 for the thingy and a year of the service.  And this is what I did.

  1. Plug in the thing
  2. Wait for it to install some shit.
  3. Pick a Number
  4. Lie about your address (they want it for like, 911 – but who would use this for their real phone?)
  5. Call someone!

Now, you plug the phone line into the USB thing.  And it might as well be plugged into the wall.  You can dial out and get calls in.  If someone calls you, a thingy pops up on your screen.  I had to give my email so they might have voicemail or something like that, but I am thinking you could hook it up to an answering machine or whatever.

Soooooo – what are the drawbacks?  Well, it is using your Internet connection, so maybe it will be shitty when you are downloading porn, etc.  Or uploading porn.  I don’t know what you people do.  And your computer has to be on for it to work (I assume).  And you probably already have a phone.  But, for things like SUPERFICIAL GALLERY CUSTOMER SERVICE it is perfect.  So if you are a spy and you want to have a second sneaky phone line, then you can get yourself a Magic Jack and sneak it up!

Want proof?  Well, call our customer service line!  704-669-7220.  Please note that I got to pick the exchange, and I picked 669 cause I am so sexy.  I don’t know what the other six is for…maybe a midget.  So get a Magic Jack and start crank calling people.  Hooray!