Lately Maine has been the laughingstock of the nation. Our governor just says whatever he wants into open mikes and his head is full of things that make an editor want to wake up in the morning. We also have Stephen King who has made everyone from away think that the state is full of vampires, clowns, giant rabid dogs and other horrible things that make for pretty good reading but you don’t really want living next door to you. (None of my neighbors have ever displayed any kind of vampire tendencies but we keep a good eye out anyway) I guess the thing we’re the most famous for is that we’re the place where the big cheese of Superficial Gallery was born and grew up. Since Acadia Einstein now works in a concrete jungle where the trees are kept in museums he demanded that I go and take some photos of the fall foliage. Just imagine J. Jonah Jameson in a luchador mask yelling at Peter Parker only I’m all out of that sticky stuff that Spiderman flies around on.