Oh, aren’t I playful and cute?

Hey friends, sorry I had a pretty long hiatus there on the Man Candy front. My bad. I have been working on a bunch of stuff and… nevermind, you don’t care. You care about ogling men so here you go. The hottest giant robot pilot (see second hottest here).

First of all, I did zero research here so I don’t know much about Idris’s movie history, I just know I think of him as that hot guy who’s in a lot of stuff but I’m never sure what. Most recently of course he was in that movie No Good Deed which (in case you missed it) has a really big twist ending, you guys. (No spoiler here but I looked it up because I refuse to watch movies like this and the ending is dumb. I’m just saying.)

Anyway, I don’t like it when they put guys that are hot in movies where they play psychos because it makes me sad. I want all psychos to be creeps and not know how to dress well or whatever, and this guy knows how to dress.

Oh a suit, yeah, you’re welcome.

Yeah, you know how I feel about men in suits.

Anyway, besides being the world’s hottest giant robot pilot and playing a hot psycho the only other things I can tell you about Idris right now are that he is English (as a surprisingly large number of hot actors are… what’s up, America? – get it together), he always seems very polite in interviews, and it’s actually kind of hard to find photos of him in various states of shirtlessness. Here is one though:

But it’s OK, Idris, because we all know what’s under those clothes. And you look rather darling in a peacoat.

“I’m laughing at your hilarious joke, girl. Want to go get coffee?”

And look at you, in your glasses. Oh my god you guys, I have these glasses. I think this means something important.

And because it’s about 4am my time and I can’t think of anything else to say really, here is another photo of Idris looking completely awesome in a suit.

You’re welcome, everybody. You’re welcome.