Please note: It is not Monday.  It is Wednesday.  You might have noticed that the whole site has been boned (and still is).  I blame C-Tates.  He was scheduled to post on Monday and the site rejected it.  It broke itself.  So I hope you are all happy.  Channing Tatum: 1.  Gallery: 0.  🙁  ~~Acadia

This week I decided to chose a guy who can not only act, but is super fine, and can dance, as well. To me, men that can dance are extremely sexy. And think many of you will agree. So who did I chose? Mr. Channing Tatum.

While searching for photos to include with this post, my computer started to overheat, which tells me my laptop agrees with my assessment that Channing is smoldering. I’m just glad my computer didn’t burst into flames. I would have lost a lot of work and that would have made me cry. LOL!

Since I’m so nice, I’ve also included the final dance scene from Step Up which starred Channing and the future Mrs. Tatum, Jenna Dewan