Today’s Man Candy Monday post features actor Jeremy Renner. I had a request to feature him, so that’s what I’m doing.

I can definitely understand how Jeremy appeals to some women. While he’s not at the top of my list for hottest guys – that goes to ASkars –  he’s definitely on there. I think he has amazing eyes, which is one of the first things I notice on a guy. It doesn’t hurt that he can pull off a rough and rugged look that is downright sexy.

If you’ve never seen Jeremy in The Hurt Locker, you need to. If there’s one role of his that is loaded with sex appeal, it’s his role of Sergeant First Class William James.

I must note, though, I did NOT find him sexy in Dahmer. *shivers* Although, he did an impressive job portraying the serial killer. That I will admit.

Now onto the pics. My personal favorite has to be the GQ one. YOWSA! (I’ve also included several tongue shots since we at The Gallery have a thing for celebrity tongues.)