Liev Schreiber.  He acts. He writes and directs.  Sometimes he dresses up as broccoli and fights Kevin Bacon to raise money for autism.  And the man can wear a beard like all get-out.  You might know Liev as Cotton Weary from the Scream series or Sabretooth in the underrated Wolverine movie, but he pops up all over the map, from narrating PBS documentaries to playing legendary hockey enforcer Ross Rhea.  He also adapted for screen and directed the fantastic  Everything Is Illuminated and won a Best Actor Tony on Broadway in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Liev’s unusual choices in work projects was inspired by his eccentric childhood, which included a kidnapping, living on an Ashram and in a cold-water flat in New York City, and being banned from eating meat and watching color movies.  In 1999, John Lahr wrote for the New Yorker “To a large extent, Schreiber’s professional shape-shifting and his uncanny instinct for isolating the frightened, frail, goofy parts of his characters are a result of being forced to adapt to his mother’s eccentricities. It’s both his grief and his gift.”   And did I mention that beard?