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Man flies to Germany on girlfriend's passport


This bloke is obviously a soccer hooligan

Traveling by air has become a little ridiculous. It’s a long tradition in the USA to jump in and make a profit off disaster. Homeland Security quickly became a bloated monster. Some freak lights his shoes on fire and suddenly getting on a plane is like one of those old prison movies where you take off one bit of clothing after another on the long walk to the big house. If thing weren’t bad enough you almost get the impression that it’s more important to protect the right of the airline to charge four dollars for the bottle of water you THE TERRORIST is trying to smuggle on board.

What’s the point of all this? A British man accidentally flew to Germany on his girlfriend’s passport. Josh Reed, a six foot three bearded Brit who works as a bouncer, picked up his girlfriend’s passport by mistake and got all the way to Germany before anyone noticed he wasn’t the seven month pregnant Sophie Watkins. I can envision the polite security personnel not wanting to mention the lady’s facial hair and beefy build. They probably had sensitivity training to deal with hairy women because of the proximity to Europe. This was right after the assertiveness training of snack confiscation.


Six Foot Three Bearded Bouncer Mistaken for Petite Girlfriend

A spokesman for Ryanair told Mirror Online: “Our handling agent at the boarding gate mistakenly failed to check the passport of this passenger, and Swissport have assured us that appropriate steps will be taken to prevent a recurrence.

Sophie, who is probably the most embarrassed woman in Britain today, sent Josh his real passport via Courier. The Airline claims that it is the passenger’s responsibility to use a valid passport. This is dangerously close to: Well the Bird had earrings so I thought she wuz French. Josh eventually got home safely to the land of tea and crumpets so everything worked out in the end

He still had to pay four dollars for a bottle of water on the flight.


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