Hey kids, it’s JW here. Today, I am going to help you. Offer you a service of sorts.

Let’s say you’ve got your shit together and you’re dating someone you love. You’re far enough along in that relationship to talk about things like marriage and kids and all that fun stuff that comes with thinking about being a “grown-up.” Both of you are smart, well informed, hip, intelligent and you both know that your union can create a great little human.


This picture is from a site called ManBabies. It doesn’t contain content that you would think would be on a site called Man Babies. Instead, it is a website in which really creepy people decide to post pictures in which the heads of the man and baby are swapped. As you can see, it is creepy, disturbing and possibly a form of abuse. Even if that baby grows up to be a somewhat normal adult, he will have a difficult time doing so when pictures like this are floating around the world.

Let’s get down to brass tacks.  No sane human being should ever do this, for a variety of reasons. I won’t list them because it would take up all the bandwidth on this site. But I will say this:  what I was saying above about you being a hip, intelligent person? This could easily be your future. Don’t think it can’t happen, because I bet that five years ago you didn’t think you’d be doing the things you do now with your significant other.   Yeah, things like that, you perv.  Anyway, look at this picture as many times as you need to to prevent this from happening. Because remember; most of these people were once just like you.

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