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Marital Bliss?

Marital Bliss?


So when I was super little my mom had a few records and one of them was really old and it was called The Bickersons.  I forgot all about it until I found this dump of funny marriage tweets (see below) so I decided to look it up.  There are a couple good jokes in it, but boy oh boy is it a product of olden times.  The characters, Blanche and John seem to both give as good as they get, but you can tell if you listen closely that it is really a product of its time.

But the rhubarb joke kills.

As for the tweets?  Well you tell me which ones you like.  I know which one is my favorite.

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  1. Sheri

    These are all really funny. Especially the one asking the husband what he wanted for dinner, then told him he was wrong!!! LOOOL. Plus comparing marriage to coffee. SO funny. I needed a post that would boost be up a little today! Very nice! Sharing this.

  2. Julie Maloney

    If my husband were to grocery shop, that’s exactly what would happen. Also, I know the guy who tweeted that so I’m kind of famous.

  3. Mal

    Hahaha, these are great!

  4. tabithoughts

    This is hilarious! I love the tweet of the husband being wrong about what he wanted for dinner. Deciding and agreeing on dinner seems to be a frequent conflict between couples!

  5. barriebismark

    These area all really funny! Dinner is always a fight!

  6. Pat Saunders

    I am not married but reading the posts I have some funny stories to share with my married friends.

  7. Austin Rees

    This was a treat! I enjoyed each of theses tweets and had to read them out loud to my own spouse!

  8. back2simplelife

    These are way too funny! Thanks! I needed a good laugh!

  9. delianutshell

    Ahahhaha. This post made my day!

  10. The Real Nani

    This is hilarious. I love how so many of the tweets are about the wife knowing more than the husband, because…yup. LOL.

  11. cybella28

    Sadly several of those applied to me when I was married. I had a great laugh reading this. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Roy Miller

    This is hilarious. It reminds of when I was a kid. I like the wall paper paste bit.

  13. Mindy@FarmFitLiving

    This was so funny! I think my husband and I relate to Mark’s. Especially since our 3 year old climbs into bed with us most nights.

  14. Amber Myers

    These are hilarious! I also give my husband the speaking treatment. Sometimes I think he wishes that I’d shhhhhh.

  15. Wanderlustkyla

    Some of these are funny and some are groan inducing! I like the one about the shampoo being smarter than him!

  16. Kay

    Hey when I was married genius thought it would be a great idea to buy the same colored toothbrushes and he was a old Germ dude lol yea pink and blue till we divorced lol

  17. maryanecuisine123

    Hilarious! As a couples therapist, it’s so funny hahaha!

  18. Elle

    I recall the Bickersons too. Some of it was quite hilarious!

  19. Anosa

    Hahaha I always crack up every time I read such tweets. Thanks for the laugh Hun

  20. Blair Villanueva

    LOL these are so cool! WIFEY Rules! ????????????

  21. MyYellowApron

    Awesome post. Wife definitely got to have the last word. My treatment for my hubby is the silent treatment 😉

  22. Janine Good

    Hilarious! Sometimes it is a fun gesture to get others insight on marital bliss!

  23. Kim Smith

    I like the “thermostat negotiations.” That’s us alright!

  24. Enjoyfreebies

    These are hilarious! I admit I often pull the “at first you don’t succeed” dishwasher trick with my husband. He insists on loading the dishes now too. LOL!

  25. Bigscrod wants cake

    I still have that Bickerson’s album from my parents, great stuff. Also, a local brewery has ‘domestic bliss’ as one of their ales. 9.5%abv.

  26. CJ |

    These are all funny. It’s good to see couples having fun with one another. My personal favorite was the “don’t you die on me” although I probably shouldn’t be laughing at that one! lol


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