When I was a kid I played Mattel Electronic Football and it was awesome.  Not as awesome as ELECTRIC football where you put the guys on the vibrating field and watched them spin around in a circle until you turned it off, but still awesome.

So when it came up earlier today I started thinking about the sounds it made and wishing that I had them as notification noises on my phone.  Since I have to interact with lots of other people my age, those sounds combined with my Merlin Phone ringtone will ensure that fellow Gen Xers can smile remembering what those sounds mean to them, Millennials will not know what they mean and the Baby Boomers will just keep sucking all the money out of the economy (omg just die already).

I got these real quick, and I didn’t label them.  Feel free to say which is the touchdown sounds, the tackle sound, etc. in the comments.  Then download them and be the envy of a very small group of men who happen to hear you get a text in an elevator.

#1[thaudio href=’′]MEF1[/thaudio]#2[thaudio href=’′]MEF2[/thaudio]#3 [thaudio href=’′]MEF3[/thaudio]#4 [thaudio href=’′]MEF4[/thaudio]#5 [thaudio href=’′]MEF5[/thaudio]