Meat Glue.  Just saying it is pretty gross.  but after you watch the video below, you will know what gross really is.  Meat Glue is actually called transglutaminase enzyme.  It’s used in the processing of food.  What kind of process?  Well, it works like this:  say you have yourself a bunch of chunks of meat.  Stuff cut off the ends of other meat.  What would you as a butcher do?  You could grind it all up and make hamburger, but where’s the profit in that?  This is good steak.

Were you going to guess: use meat glue to stick all the meat together and let it sit overnight until it looks like an actual steak?  Cause if you were going to say that, you would win!

Yep, meat glue does just that.  You sprinkle this enzyme (you know what else has enzymes?  Your spit!) on the meat and smush it into a glob and let it sit overnight.  Then the glue transmogrifies the meat into something that looks like a whole thing.  And that’s the really gross part.  It is not like you glued a vase together and you can see the cracks.  It…changes it.  You can’t see the seams!

And I went looking to see if there was anything governing the use of the product here in the US.  I found this thing that says is it legal. Though they do say it has to be disclosed.  I guess.  I don’t know.

So If anyone who wants to talk about how we need to cut the deficit or shut down the government or any kind of shit like that, please explain to me exactly who is in charge of making Meat Glue legal and fire them.  And punch them in the head.  Hard.  And hey – let’s not go to Australia.  That’s where the video is from and those people are gross.  They sell chicken glued together with beef blood.

And if you are wondering what the big deal is: think about the fact that you could take a bunch of old meat and glue it to some newer meat and have some sort of zombie meat.  Cook that shit rare and then see how you feel.

It’s Meat Glue!  Just keep saying it.  Meat Glue.  Meat Glue.  Meat Glue.  Good.  Now let’s go get some steaks!