fox-rogenRemembering his first time on Kimmel’s couch, which just so happened to coincide with the talk-show debut of a then-unknown Fox, Rogen recounted how he graciously agreed, at the nervous actress’ personal behest, to stay on stage throughout her segment.

When she came out, adhering to proper male guest protocol, Rogen attempted to plant a kiss on Fox (the cheek), which is when all humiliating hell broke loose.

Cue tape!

“I’m thinking, ‘When in my life am I ever gonna get to kiss this woman? Now’s my chance,’ ” Rogen said.

“And so I tried to do it, and to my memory, she physically stopped me from doing it and basically rejected me on television.”

There is not really anything to this. I mean, I decided earlier to write four posts about Megan Fox. It ain’t all that easy, really. The video in that link is pretty funny, though.