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Megan Fox: Statistical Outlier

Megan Fox:  Statistical Outlier


I have this weird thing I do when I watch Dave and Conan.  When the guests come out, sit and cross their legs, I always look at the bottoms of their shoes.  For some reason, I am fascinated to see who is wearing brand spanking new shoes and who is wearing scuffed older ones.  In my informal and unscientific research, I have found that the bigger and more established the celeb, the more likely they are to have scuffed soles.  Random nobodies, new to the scene starlets and Paris Hilton tend to have pristine soles.*

I gathered up 50 some new pictures of Megan Fox and was shocked by the one up top.  She isn’t famous enough to wear scuffed shoes and for a photo shoot especially.  She skewed my data!  I always thought of her as Angelina Lite but that vibe isn’t coming through this set.  Hmm.  This is all disjointed and stupid.  I have new tongue pix, too.  Vote then look at all her albums.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Tongue

Megan Fox (Mostly) Topless

*Their souls are another story altogether.

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  1. Joelle

    Annoying talentless tranny bitch.

    There, I said it.

  2. Ballsack

    I want to bang her and the scuffy shoes thing makes her extra hot.


  3. vange

    An hour after I wrote this, I was flipping channels and found a re-run of Dave and PARIS HILTON WAS THE GUEST!

  4. Acadia

    I heard that Megan Fox has like a truncated thumb or something.

  5. vange

    Where would you hear that, WEIRDO

  6. Joelle

    She’s DEFORMED, vange!!!


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