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Members Only Podcast #2

Members Only Podcast #2


I wanted to try something different, so I am giving you the chance to tell me what to do.  Listen to the podcast and then let me know in the comments what you want.

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  1. Cider

    There are three women on Big Bang Theory, you troll. And that show is the worst.

    The other worst show is Gold Rush. God, when that accidentally comes on my tv I literally yell “no no no no” until I can change the channel so I don’t have to hear Todd say “frickin” or Jack say anything at all.

    I just watched the entire season of The Man in the High Castle. It’s supposedly based on the book but according to my sources so far it barely resembles the book. You should try that, it’s pretty good, plus it’s got Nazis in America so it will get you all wound up.

  2. Andy O

    I’d like to hear your synopsis and review of a hockey game. Being a NewEnglander, how about the December 20th game between the Bruins and the Devils. You can do a point/counterpoint with Roger Sherman.

    It’ll be fun.

  3. Bobbi Jo Woods

    Okay, here goes.

    I want an Easy Bake Oven and the Bee Gees to come and sing for me at Christmas.

    BBT hasn’t been good since after season 1.

    Also, the Man in The High Castle is teh suck if you don’t watch the older BBC version.

    That is all.

    Oh, and eggnog. I want lots and lots of eggnog.

    • Bobbi Jo Woods

      Crap. I just remembered I’m not 9 years old anymore. I will send an updated list, soonish.

  4. Andy O

    Bobbi Jo, I have eggnog. I made a huge batch last week, and it is so good (and keeps getting better).

    Cider claims that she doesn’t like eggnog (but has never had the real thing either).

    • Bobbi Jo Woods

      Ooh, noms! Of course, my nine year-old self wouldn’t be having the real thing, but yeah. I like.

  5. Bobbi Jo Woods

    I guess I’m dumb. I do watch The Good Wife. Only because I started watching it at season 1 and now it’s like a soap for me. I also like to watch Suits, which is on USA and something I started seeing last year sometime. Those are probably my two dumb shows that I still keep up with.

    Keep in mind, my pickings might be slimmer than some, because I don’t even/can’t even/won’t ever even fucking sci-fi, and I damn sure ain’t a comic book hero nerd.

    Here’s what I’ve watched and would recommend…to anyone.

    Homeland is my current obsession. It’s in its 5th season right now. Fuck you, if you have never seen it. It’s on Hulu if you have the Showtime add-on, otherwise, you’re screwed. First couple of seasons had me on edge, except with some of the Brody story (his family are a cast of horrible actors, and the whole family storyline bored me to tears), but it picks up after that.

    Fuck you also, if you can’t PBS Masterpiece. Indian Summers on PBS Masterpiece, is really good. You can get PBS shows on Roku if you have that, or I think the PBS channel might be in Hulu. IDK. I watch it on Roku and There’s also a site called Project Free TV and you didn’t hear that from me.

    Peaky Blinders, if you haven’t watched it, is amazeballs. If you like gangster stories, this one’s great. The music is good, too, if you’re into rock n’ roll.

    If you ever liked the humor of Tina Fey, you should have already seen and maybe are re-watching (for the third time, like I am) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Fey wrote it, and the only reason it’s not on NBC right now kicking everyone’s ass, is because the show was only selected as a possible pitch for a Thursday night slot, which is a lot of drama and stuff, and this comedy doesn’t fit in with all that. So Fey sold the show to Netflix and should be picking up a second season. It’s simply hilarious, was already very quotable in the first episode, and I cannot wait for season 2.

    If you like British stuff that’s real and poignant and serious and crime-mystery-ish and a little silly all at once, there’s a miniseries called River on Netflix since October. It was a BBC show in 2014 and it’s just the one 6-episode run, so it might seem really short and stuff, but I thought it tied up nicely, and it’s a nice departure from the usual American claptrap.

    If you like Aziz Azari, can put up with some semi-bad acting (the reward is kinda funnny situational and strange NYC stuff), you should see Master of None. It’s also on Netflix.

    Better Call Saul is the prequel to Breaking Bad, if you were ever into that (and even if you weren’t, you might could get into this show). Season 2 will be underway in early 2016, so us fans have been told. It should probably be on Hulu (AMC) perhaps. I watched it on Xfinitity/Comcast via the web earlier this year when it came out.

    That’s all I got for now. I didn’t even delve into some other stuff, this is just the stuff of the top of my head.

    I know I didn’t include a lot except for how awsome, funny, etc. these shows are. I’m not Gene Siskel, so yeah, it’s all hype. You can Google the titles for the full-on, flowery descriptions and critical reviews.

  6. The OG Alyssa Marie

    I need to upload an avatar…

  7. The OG Alyssa Marie

    I started watching Survivor Season 1 – and it is simply amazing how far the show (and gayness on television) has come since then. Haha pun…

  8. The OG Alyssa Marie

    You know what show you would like? Bomb Girls. Acadia – you will loooove it

  9. AaronMartinelli

    Tit butt.


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