Members Only Post: Now With Murder Cliffhanger!


american psycho

On this week’s episode we discuss your requests for upcoming episodes and try to incorporate some of them by talking about cats and who we can interview. Also, Acadia tells us a story about murder most foul.

And for those of you interested in visiting Acadia, here is the swanky place he thinks he is going to live in!

Acadia, here!  I wanted to butt in and post a pic that I can’t post anywhere else.  I guess it is dirty but it is more weird and terrifying than dirty but since we are PG-13 on the site this is the only place I can share it.  So…I will make the thumbnail small so nobody gets offended.  Also, there are some stupid gifs!

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  1. Cider
    February 29, 2016 at 10:54 am

    Y u do dis though? I no want to see spider asshole. *Cries*

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