Are you the sort of person who takes loads of pictures while on vacation?  I wouldn’t say I am.  I do take pictures, but where some people take a trip and come home with over 100 pictures, I would take the same trip and come home with 15-20.   It just seems a little unnecessary to take a picture of every little thing you come across during your trip.  I probably shouldn’t be complaining, though.  If people didn’t take loads and loads of pictures of things not really worth taking a picture of, I wouldn’t be able to keep making posts on this site.

Anyway, the picture I have for you today may or may not be one that was worth taking.  I imagine that it was taken to capture the fellow on the left standing near the building in the background.  I’m an uncultured guy, though, so I have no idea what that building behind him is.  None of that really matters, though, because I’d like to point out the fellow on the right.