Cosplay 13 of 31 Days of Halloween! This time I recreated one I had done twice prior which is my “mermaid” cosplay…but let me be honest. This is 100% makeup look only. I didn’t wear a shell top (hells no) and I didn’t buy or make a fin. I ain’t ya girl for that. However, if you want the makeup part I got you fam.

PART ONE: Fishing Supplies

I used a two tone purple and blue wig I picked up for under $20 from amazon. The seashell hair clips were around $8 and the seashell necklace was about $10. Again all from amazon. Total cost was around $38 bucks!

PART TWO: Getting Fishy

Start with your usual base makeup. In other words primer, foundation, concealer, powder. This will provide a good base for the body paint we’re going to add. Make sure you take the makeup down to your neck and chest.
I used the Anastasia Norvina palette and applied a mix of purples to my eyes and used the same shades to contour my face (yes eyeshadow can be used for whatever you want it to).
Then taking graftobian body paint in tropical teal start to paint some watery squiggly things because why not.
Taking a graftobian body paint in white I proceeded to add little pearls all over my face and neck.
You can then shade them with different eye shadows to provide depth. After that I used some body glitter (this one was from anastasia.
Highlight your nose, collar bone, and cheek bone with a pearlescent highlighter.
For lips I painted a hot pink liquid lipstick and added a dark blue one in the center to appear cold.
Black eyeliner, mascara, and false lashes to finish.

This obviously isn’t a full mermaid look…maybe you’re already on land searching for your special someone. Maybe you want to wear this to a festival…or the grocery store…you do you boo.

Happy holiday folks….x0x0 Beta

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