I mean completely bought.  According to their website, the Charlotte Bobcats said:

Jordan agrees to become Bobcats Majority Owner

Now I use the term ‘my team’ loosely.  I have been a Celtics fan forever except when I rooted for any team that Xavier McDaniel played for.  I guess it seems like having the best player of all time own the team would be a really good idea.  But MJ has been making all the basketball decisions for a while now and they still suck.  I mean, if I had the choice between Michael Jordan and… Warren Buffet I would pick Michael Jordan.  I guess?  I dunno now.  Hmm.

I mean, I would hire George Clooney to be in my movie.  But just because he is a good actor doesn’t mean that he would be good at owning the studio.  And I wouldn’t want a garbage man to run my garbage collection company.  Well, maybe I would if he smoked a stubby cigar and had other colorful traits.  But other than that, meh.  So here’s the video of him and Larry Bird playing Horse for a Big Mac.  Why?  Cause where do you think MJ got the money to buy the team?