If you don’t watch Bob’s Burgers you should.  It’s on Netflix and it’s outstanding.  But whether you do or not you need to know that apparently middle school kids write fan fiction.  When I was in middle school I drew army stick men fighting.  A particularly good episode of Bob’s Burgers revolves around Tina having a book of stories called: Erotic Friend Fiction.  It’s gold.

I can’t stop laughing.  This kid is too awesome.  Like.  Damn.  Just watch it.  Honestly.  This has made me happier than I can possibly imaging.  Melissa Ball Bell / Melissia Bella is my hero and since this vid is pretty old I am thinking that she has probably gotten her period by now.  Just like Ashton Kutcher told her she would.

I’m not kidding.  I have been laughing this whole time.  This kid has balls and I hope she is president some day.