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Mike Wallace Dead at 93

Can’t be mad that a dude made it to 93.  If you don’t know much about 60 Minutes then you should really realign your priorities.  They consistently pump out stories that can make your head spin.  Mainly (in my opinion) because the things they find out seem so important that you can’t believe nobody else is talking about it.

Check the interview below and notice the part that where he says that 60 Minutes used to be on Tuesday night at 10PM and nobody watched it so they had “years” to work out how the show needed to work.  Fascinating.  So have a good trip, Mr. Wallace.  I hope if there is an afterlife you can find that jerk Andy Rooney and punch him.  You should all watch 60 Minutes tonight as a tribute.  Because, as I have known for a very long time, when that stopwatch stops ticking, the weekend is over.


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  1. dan brill

    Imagine a show not being watched for years and yet being left on the air just because it’s good. And that news shows could operate at break-even or a loss because that was the public service that allowed companies to get their FCC license. Those days are gone. Tick Tock democracy. Rip Mr. Wallace.


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