Saturday night I went to the Geek Gala in Charlotte and saw my new favorite person in the world, Mikey Mason, perform.  He is a comedian and nerd (or geek, I frankly couldn’t care less which is which) and he really made me lol.  He doesn’t seem to be too super famous (which means we can catapult him to the top!) but he is really funny.  I’m going to post the three songs he did that made me laugh the hardest, but honestly they were all good and you should check the dude out.

Also – since he is not really all that famous – dude, I was the one in the silver wrestling mask.  So maybe mention the site at every show from now on, huh?  I MADE YOU!  Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme but I haven’t hurt you (yet).  Now laugh!  I am giving you Best Game Ever, My Next Girlfriend and Saturday Morning Cartoons.  That last one is exactly what it sounds like.  It is not a song about Saturday Morning Cartoons.  It IS Saturday morning cartoons.  But at least he memorized them all.

My Next Girlfriend

Best Game Ever

Saturday Morning Cartoons