Mila Kunis

Since Choo has officially made Wednesdays into Woman Crush Wednesday here on Superficial Gallery, I thought I’d throw the lovely Mila Kunis into the mix this week.  Sure she’s smoking hot, but Mila has three other things going for her that elevates her to WCW status:

1. She was born in the Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian, which is cool.  I assume that also means she’s probably a spy and could kill a man in 15 seconds. I like that in a woman.

2. She does voice work on Family Guy and Robot Chicken, and plays a lot of WoW.  I assume that means she has a great sense of humor and we are probably already secret best friends.

3. She has one brown eye and one green eye, and had to have surgery to fix being blind in one of them.  I assume that means she is part robot or possibly psychic now.  Or both.

Whew. 100 word goal complete.  And now the pictures!

(Yes, the gallery pictures aren’t doing the neat slideshow thing when you click on them. We’re working on it. BE STRONG.)