As we know, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about Milla Jovovich or nipples.  And her nipples were like, not even on my RADAR.  I didn’t even really think she had nipples until she decided to wear a dress to Mikhail Gorbachev’s birthday party that had some sort of nipple trap door built into it.  I mean, how did she not notice.  It makes me think that her nipple might turn into a gun and she was there to assassinate someone.  Have fun paging through the pics to see if a bullet actually comes out.

Or, you can skip ahead to some action shots of the new Wonder Woman in “action”.  Apparently she was filming an episode in Los Angeles and people took pics of her.  I did some digging and got a copy of the script.  The scene being shot was “Wonder Woman tries to run (even though she can fly) after someone while trying to keep her retainer from falling out.  Then her swift nemesis (apparently Captain Banana Peel) made her fall down.  She sucks.  Seriously.  Listen TV, this is not a tough equation:  Nipples > Super Heroes who run with a big load of chew spit in their mouth and then fall down.