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Missouri and Illinois are states close in proximity

Lucky for us, cheerleaders suck at hiding.

Lucky for us, cheerleaders suck at hiding.

Not sure I would have known that if not for college football, really. I mean, I’m sure at one point in my life, I knew the shit out of that, but, past like the 5th grade, that information stops becoming relevant. And then, with college football, it becomes relevant again. Because Juice Williams and Arrellious Benn of the Fighting Illini take on Missouri from St. Louis in one of the marquee mid-afternoon games.

Also on tap?

Most of the country will get to see #13 Georgia play #9 Oklahoma State in what should be a really good game. Since I reside in the Murder Mitten, hey there’s University of Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez crying again…Please, let Western Michigan win to make up for me having to watch that game.

Nevada and Notre Dame play as well, and there’s always a chance Notre Dame loses with Charlie Weis as head coach, so that could be fun.

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