Hi, i’m back for a bit. Probably going to stick around for a while as well.

I am aware that there is a thing called “Friday 90’s” here where a song from 15-20 years ago is put up and we all remember when MTV played videos and music was ghettoized to MTV and radio. And some of the songs/videos are cool, like “November Rain”, which is “Thriller” for cool people. But it’s a new century, so here is something that is more current.

Jogger is a two piece electronic/instrument merged project. One of the guys is Jonathan Laroquette, son of Night Court’s John Larroquette and co-host of a great podcast named “Uhh Yeah Dude” (google that). “Nephicide” is what death metal would sound like if it were done by people who were into more ambient, electronic music. The video is better to be seen than explained, but it’s definitive proof that people still make great music videos and if you look around you will see them.  Check it out after the jump.

Jogger – Nephicide