Day 7 of 31 Days of Halloween!! Here’s a pretty simple cosplay classic I feel most people can achieve; and that would be Morticia Addams!

Part One: Closet Cosplay

I honestly DO not suggest you buy a costume dress for this. First it will be overpriced, second it will be very uncomfortable. Honestly you can find long black v-neck dresses with bat wings easily on Amazon or just google it. It’s probably worth the money to just get a comfortable dress. I ended using a v-neck black top. The wig I got was from last year but also I got it from Amazon. Spent no more than 20 bucks.

Total Cost: ?? (Depends on YOU!)

Part Two: Glamour

Simply just use a foundation that list either your shade (if you’re pasty like me) or 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. I opted to do some very mild contouring using a light grey eyeshadow. For the lips I used a YSL Liquid Lipstick, but just make sure it’s a fierce red. Eyes I did varying shades of greys and blacks with a placement similar to an 80’s movie if you get my drift. Make sure to do a well defined cat eye. Morticia’s eyes are very pointed and her features are sharp and strong. Emphasize those and you’ve got it!

Overall this is a pretty easy cosplay to knock out of the water. Mine could have been way better but due to time and cost I opted for a little more simple. You can definitely do this one up for under $50 which is amazing!!

Happy Ghosty-poo Month!….x0x0 Beta