Can you tell me the names of the most difficult actors to work with? The bitter truth is that not all Hollywood stars are as charming, nice, cooperative and amazing off-screen as they look before the cameras. Some of them have been known to be arrogant and some are called selfish or careless; just like you and me, celebrities are also humans and they also have their own priorities or private lives. Sometimes, these stars become rude to their filmmakers or demand high prices, and some of them even leave the set for non-payment or refuse to sign even the best movies. Let’s check out who has been the most difficult star in history.

Bruce Willis

Christopher Mansfield, a content writer from perfectessay has reported that Bruce Willis has been a successful yet rude and difficult star of his time. He is best known for his work in The Die Hard and it looks like the success of a range of projects could not be consumed by the star well and all this led him to become a little arrogant and selfish.

It’s true that we have seen him in so many comedy movies, where he not only smiles but also makes others feel happy and relaxed. However, in real life, Bruce Willis has been found spending more time on action than comedy. For example, during shootings or filming of his projects, he has been in numerous fights and unnecessary arguments with his coworkers and even the director or producer of the film.

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher is one of the worst actors to work with. She looks beautiful, no doubt, and she has managed to impress the audience with her great acting skills and the highest level of glamour. She is the female who played the leading role of Desperate Housewives.

After the tremendous success of this project, we got to hear that she was asking for a heavy price for every single project. She eventually became one of the worst actresses to work with. For example, she was looking to get paid a lot of money for one of the projects of creator Marc Cherry. The name of the project is not known to us, but Marc Cherry ended up calling her the meanest and greediest woman anywhere in the world.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is one of the difficult celebrities and there are so many examples to prove it. Some people who have worked with this star call Charlie Sheen a hard individual to even stand with.

He used to be a star with great reputation and potential, but with time, he became one of the hard to work with actors. It took him a little time to transform himself from a star of greatness to a person who flushed everything down the toilet and became the worst person of the showbiz industry. People began avoiding him and this led Charlie Sheen to lose so many projects that could get him even more money and success.

Russell Crowe

Leon Edmunds, a communications manager from a custom essay writing service, states that Russell Crowe was into so many drunken fights. First of all, he used to insult people on social media especially Twitter, which is not an acceptable thing at any cost.

It looks like fame, success and money made Russell Crowe mad a little. The star earned a big name in the film industry and got so many awards including an Academic Award for his incredible performance in Gladiator. He also received a bunch of nominations, and then his assistants began complaining about his behavior and attitude. He even threatened to kill filmmaker Branko Lustig.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been one of the most serious actors of all time. She is widely known for both her acting and singing skills. She made her name in the music industry, and at the same time, got so many big roles in Hollywood and international movies.

All these things do not hide the fact that she was into so many clashes with Adam Levine on the sets of The Voice. Both of them used to quarrel and ruined their reputation gradually.

Christian Bale

Gregory Aldridge, a Content Strategist at has recently reported that Christian Bale is hard or difficult to work with. The reasons are the same: his high salary demands, the habit of reaching the set late, fighting with coworkers and creating a mess for the filmmakers once a while.

With time, Christian Bale became one of the actors no one wants to work with despite the fact that he has had a name to take care of in Hollywood and other industries. The actor is widely regarded as the person who has a hot temper, which means he used to get angry with other people all of a sudden and did not want to listen to anybody during his work.

In conclusion, we have to admit that success, fame, and money should not be taken in such a negative way. This is because we need to respect and value others in order to keep getting all these things. If we become selfish or arrogant, the chance is that our careers will be destroyed and people will start avoiding us.