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Movie Trailer Review – Trick ‘r Treat


Did you know that they put reviews from websites on movies?  For real?  How do I get on that bandwagon?  Someone send me their movies.  I’ll review it.  I even tried out some special review blurbs for practice:

  • [Movie Name] is sexier then my stepsister, who isn’t related to me by blood.
  • Just when I thought [Movie Name] could not get any better, that thing on my shoulder popped!
  • The Godfather sucks compared to [Movie Name] and also Al Pacino is gay (for real).
  • The torrent of [Movie Name] gave me fewer viruses than your mom.

If that fat dope from aintitcoolnews can do it, why not me?  I think all I would need to do is make my font 30 points bigger and kiss everyone’s ass.  So I will start here – with this movie that is only coming out on DVD and all I have seen of it is the trailer below.  Trick ‘r Treat stars Anna Paquin and looks from the trailer to be a fun Halloween flick.  Anna Paquin probably doesn’t show her boobs like she does in True Blood but she looks pretty hot in that Little Red Riding Hood suit and anything involving a ‘Halloween School Bus Massacre’ MUST be good.

OK – start sending me free shit, Movie Studios.  I need me some stress balls and magnets and key chains.  Christmas is coming.  Now watch the trailer and write your own review – maybe one of you will catch the eye of the studios!

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  1. Abbey

    Interesting. I may need start reviewing more movies. Although I would also need to do far more ass kissing. Hmmm..

    Also, you just need to sart throwing around the prase, “[Movie Name] made me fall in love with [genre] movies all over again.”

  2. Dumphy

    Really, such a useful web site.


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