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Castle Rock Podcast Episode 3 – Local Color

Hannah and Acadia jump into episode 3 of Castle Rock and bring you analysis of everything from Molly’s Percoset Oddysey to the finer points of trying to get your client out of jail if all he does is say creepy cryptic things. And we point out the stuff from last episode we were totally wrong about. Oh, and we MIGHT discuss the bombs that get dropped on us. All that and just why is 90s Molly’s hair so greasy?

Going Outside Sucks – What to Watch this Summer

Since it is too hot to go outside, we need to watch TV.  On the other hand, since it is summer, traditionally the TV choices are pretty slim.  So I am going to give you some ideas and you do what you want with them.  And because I care about people, I am even going to...

Bong of the Living Dead – Stoners VS Zombies!

At this point in our horror adventures, we should all be familiar with the zombie-comedy. There are the bigger films like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, and Warm Bodies. You have the classics that brought together zombies and...


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Four Horror Movies for the Price of One!