I had an entire article on how McDonalds is going to serve breakfast all day starting October 6th. This didn’t set me over the edge. Accidentally deleting all the words did. That and running over the garbage can last night. So instead you get a cute monkey and other shameless click bait today.

kong 1

In case you’re wondering that is not how you get a cute monkey baby.


This guy got distracted on his search on how to make a cute monkey baby.


This is just how to get started on making a cute baby. Practice makes perfect.


A Cute Baby


He heard you had to have a six pack to practice making babies

kong cream

The buns made me hungry. I wonder if Dairy Queen serves this new Marijuana Ice Cream


Any joke with Keanu Reeves in it is twice as funny after green ice cream.


It’s also how you look when you read this all the way down here.


Finally got to the point!


I blame everything on the green ice cream. I have this urge to eat Beer Dip with a spoon now too.

Beer + Cheese = Best food ever