Chezcadia usually runs like a well oiled machine.  All the things I pay attention to look really great and the crap that people can’t see (like the crawlspace and this weird mound of dirt that was there when I bought the place) are a total shambles.  But this morning when I went out to “balance my chemicals” at the pool and found that the pump was turned off.  So I flipped the breaker and the pump made a sound like… well, can you imagine what it would sound like if a robot had awkward sex with a piece of farm equipment?  It sounded like that.

So now I have to fart around trying to figure out who to trust because as soon as I need any work done I think about those frigging shows on MSNBC that show baby sitters hitting kids with spoons and maids stealing jewelry and assume anyone I hire is going to screw me.  Not really sure how someone could steal a pool but still.

So instead of working on the site I need to go outside *rolls eyes* and since I don’t want you to be without things to read on the Internet, here’s some links!

  • How to Replace Your Pool Pump in 55 steps. – Check this out if you want to see what I WON’T be doing myself.  Wtf.  I am sure I could, but why would I?  There are some things I would never pay someone to do and other things I would ONLY pay people to do.  Oil Change?  Hello Jiffy Lube.  If my car blows up because there is no oil in it, I need someone to blame.  But cutting down trees and crap like that?  All me.  So have fun reading the steps and figuring out when you would quit.
  • TGNP.ME – Christy Ramsey’s site is great for people who want to get a good laugh every three months or so.  Maybe if you go over there and complain she will write more.
  • The Year of Halloween – If you want to subscribe to a site that gives you constant new stuff that you would NEVER find on your own, head to Eva Halloween’s site.  She puts so much effort into her posts and is so creative she is like a… like a… like the opposite of me.
  • Thai One On with Stacy – Wanna learn to make some Thai food?  Well Stacy Frazer’s site has your hookup.  Plus she says things that all sound vaguely dirty like: “Coconut AND lime, springtime for your mouth!” and the food pics are great so it is a double win.
  • Dydan dot net – Personal stories and witchcraft.  Or fortune telling.  I’m sort of scared to delve too deeply into it because I remember that movie Witchboard but Dydan Waters is good people and you need to check her out.
  • Thrifty Ninja – My friend Amber has been doing this a long time and if you want to win free stuff (full disclosure, it is like, household stuff mostly, not cars or helicopters) and find out all sorts of tips and stuff, she does like 14 posts a  day.  Plus she got to interview Mila Kunis *swoons*.
  • Joboo (I ask Joboo to come.  Take FEAR from bats.) – Just in case you though the only people I know are chicks, my friend Joboo wrote a great article on what the Aaron Hernandez arrest might look like.  And if you don’t know what that means, go back to your quilting bee, Agnes!

Bye suckers.  I have things to do.  Hiring people is a lot of work.  *sips tea and turns up air conditioning*.