So my pal Jessica is going to be a HOST at this fancy awards show.  It is called the Artists In Music Awards and despite the fact that I didn’t really read their site, I can tell you with 0% conviction that it is an awards show for people who paint guitars.  Or they paint guitars on things.  Or maybe they paint guitars on other guitars.  That’s what I would vote for if I were a judge.  Here is the official description:

The Artists In Music Awards was created to honor and recognize the best independent music artists from around the world. Many artists produce music deserving of radio play, but few get to shine in the world of mainstream. We def believe in supporting indie acts.

It’s in Los Angeles on Feb 10th and you can get tickets here.  I would go if I didn’t already have important international plans that night.  I need to go to the store and live in North Carolina  help Milla Jovovich pick out sexy underwear in Switzerland so I can’t go.  I know that sucks and you might think to yourself: “why bother if Acadia isn’t there”?  Well like I told you, my friend is one of the hosts and if you go you can see her.  And she can just email me whenever she wants and if I go to Los Angeles she will let me stay at her house.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Anyway – she’s my friend, she is famous and fancy and you people should go to the thing.  What if she becomes the next Billy Crystal?  You don’t wanna miss that!