For truly avid horror fans the name Izzy Lee should be quickly recognizable. For the more casual viewer please allow me to introduce you to an incredibly talented filmmaker and storyteller. Izzy is a Rondo Award-nominated filmmaker, a writer for both Birth.Movies.Death and Rue Morgue, and she has published multiple short stories. Basically, I’m a huge fan and she does incredible work.

Now, on to the film in question. My Monster is fantastic. I loved the short preview that was released for her contribution to the Women in Horror Month 2018 Massive Blood Drive PSA series and I love the finished film. The dialogue is excellent and the characters play together perfectly. The humor comes across smoothly with perfect timing and doesn’t have the forced feel that happens far too often. Honestly, it’s put together by an excellent writer and director and it clearly shows. It’s short, well played, and left a smile on my face.

Next up the technical aspects. Full disclosure, I’m also a filmmaker. I even have a short up in the same PSA series. So, when it comes to filmmaking, I get picky about the technical stuff. The color in My Monster is just as well done as many feature films I’ve seen. The score is simple and elegant. The special effects, especially for a short film, look excellent, especially in regard to the creature fx. I know a lot of reviews probably wouldn’t take the time to comment on these aspects of a film but I see it as clear love for the project that far too many don’t truly have. Anyone can pick up a camera but not everyone can show their love of storytelling and film with what they produce.

So, please go check out the short preview, the link for which you’ll find below. If you get a chance to see this short when it hits festivals, please do! This is an excellent piece of comedy horror that comes from someone that truly loves the genre.

Also, make sure to write down the numbers for your local blood donation services that are at the end of the preview and make yourself an appointment. We’ll both thank you!