Look at that shit.  It looks like Jell-O.  Easter is coming and if Jesus rose from the tomb, came to my house for some reason, and walked across it people would not even think it was a big deal.  Is it a big fat problem?  Yes.  Am I ashamed?  HELL no.  It costs $250.00 to close the pool in the winter and another $250.00 to open it in the spring.  Now, regular pool people would pay this no problem because usually pool people are rich.

My pool came with the house and I am poor.

So real pool people know how to make sure that they come out on the perfect day and slip into their silky smooth water and relax like fancy people should.  I, on the other hand, either burn people’s skin with chlorine or get the pond look you see above.  So what do you do about it?  Well, it depends on the kind of person you are.

  • If you are a nerd you get your chemistry set out and do a lot of ciphers and add this and that chemical and fix it up good.
  • If you are competent you bring some of your water to the pool place, then they analyze it and print out a paper and tell you what to do and you go home and do it.
  • If you are me, you call the pool company and cry and ask them to come fix it.

I know my limitations.  Do I think i can clean the carburetor of my power washer?  Yes.  And even if I can’t, I would just be ordering a new one and putting it in.  So I have not really lost anything.  But if I spend $100.00 on pool chemicals and it DOESN’T work then I am screwed because I will have to call the pool guy anyway.  Go ahead, make fun of my ugly pool.  I will get the last laugh and post pics of my sweet clean pool!  I won’t be able to swim in it for another month because it is still too cold, but it will be pretty to sit next to.

Well, it will be after I pressure wash the deck.  Ugh.