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Here’s to you, Nagasaki (but still fuck japan)



By my count, there have been two (maybe three) cities with nuclear bombs dropped on them.  One of them was Nagasaki, Japan (seen above).  As you can see, other than their Stargate the place was pretty destroyed.  But, if you look at the pics below, they seem to have rebounded nicely.  I mean, they have had 60 years, but even so, they built a lot of shit.  And they seem to feel as though the best revenge is living well.  Or maybe it’s leaving all their damn lights on.

I wonder how our other enemies from the past are doing.  I should look up the south.  Wait, I live here.  Meh.  And fuck Japan still cause of the whale and dolphin killing.

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  1. Hotspur

    If the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki were detonated in the center of the Los Angeles airport, the critical kill zone wouldn’t reach the airport boundaries.

  2. johnny rocks

    LAX is big. AND?

  3. heidi

    I am still pissed about the whale and dolphin killings but nobody deserves a bomb like that. Hope you are well:)


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