Name That Ringtone Game 1 was too easy, you said.  So let’s see how good you are.  To remind you of the rules, it goes like this.

  • First correct answer in the comments gets 5 points.
  • Every other correct answer in the comments gets one point until I say that game is closed.
  • One random person from the post with the correct answer (who didn’t win) will get 5 points instead of 1.  Just so it doesn’t become a runaway.
  • First one to 100 will win something.

Last one was We Belong by Pat Benatar.  Here are the standings.

  1. Julie From Momspective – 5
  2. PelvicBoogie – 5
  3. vange – 1
  4. Beans – 1
  5. Don E. Chute – 0
  6. sangfroid – 0

Round two is below.  You need to get the artist and the song.  Go!