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Name That Ringtone – Game 5

If you don’t get this one I don’t want to know you. My clue for Name That Ringtone Game 4 took a long time to make and it didn’t help any of you.  I’m glad Malissa figured it out finally.  See what I did was make the first letter of each sentence in the opening paragraph spell out the name of the song.  It was “The Goonies” by Cyndi Lauper.  You can watch it below.  If you want to skip over all the old WWF wrestlers in the beginning, the song starts around 2:15.

Here are the rules!

  • First correct answer in the comments gets 5 points.
  • Every other correct answer in the comments gets one point until I say that game is closed.
  • One random person from the post with the correct answer (who didn’t win) will get 5 points instead of 1.  Just so it doesn’t become a runaway.
  • First one to 100 will win something.

New standings, the video from last week and a HINT after the jump!

Here are the new standings!  Since Pelvic was the only one smart enough to copy Malissa’s answer he got the bonus.  How can I possibly make this easier.  Seriously.

  1. PelvicBoogie – 15 (bonus winner)
  2. Julie From Momspective – 5
  3. jethro – 5
  4. Kyle Dockery – 5 (bonus winner)
  5. Don E. Chute – 5 (bonus winner)
  6. Malissa – 5
  7. Beans – 2
  8. vange – 1
  9. VetTech – 1
  10. sangfroid – 0
  11. Nicole – 0
  12. Frank – 0

And here is the clue.  Actually, one of the following five things is a clue.  The rest aren’t.

  1. Salt Lake City
  2. Double-necked guitar
  3. Corvettes
  4. Shakespeare
  5. Danica Patrick


Good luck!

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Acadia Einstein

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  1. Julie From Momspective

    Holy crap we’re at game 5?

  2. Julie From Momspective

    It sounds like Dixie Chicks or something gay.

    • vange

      I dislike you now.

  3. Acadia


  4. jethro

    Romeo and Juliet Dire Straits

    • vange

      My fave Dire Straits song ever.

      • jethro

        Maybe my second favorite, after Your Latest Trick.

  5. Frank

    The theme song to Alf!

  6. Julie From Momspective

    I was so drunk yesterday. SIX Irish Car Bombs and I just left karaoke. Pardon the Dixie Chicks reference but everything sounds like them at 3AM when you’re drunk at karaoke.

  7. Julie From Momspective

    Fleetwood Mac

    • vange

      I guess you’re still drunk?

  8. Don E. Chute

    The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough.

    nuff said. PERIOD.

    Aloha and Happy Independence Day to all!


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