The competition is really heating up.  Hot action, that’s our stock and trade.  Every time I look through my weird collection of songs on iTunes I get all giddy about the things I can choose from.  Great job by PelvicBoogie in game three.  Obviously he has wonderful musical taste by knowing the ring tone was from Medicine Show by Big Audio Dynamite.  Or maybe he got lucky because he has an album of all the songs in the world that sample The Good The Bad and the Ugly (I’m including the video below).  Nice to see that people are starting to catch on that they can get points by piling on to the winner’s guess.  It always amazes me how long it takes.  Even the regulars don’t figure it out right away even though I explain it.  Sad.

  • First correct answer in the comments gets 5 points.
  • Every other correct answer in the comments gets one point until I say that game is closed.
  • One random person from the post with the correct answer (who didn’t win) will get 5 points instead of 1.  Just so it doesn’t become a runaway.
  • First one to 100 will win something.

New standings, the video and a HINT after the jump!

Here are the new standings!

  1. PelvicBoogie – 10 (bonus winner)
  2. Julie From Momspective – 5
  3. jethro – 5
  4. Kyle Dockery – 5 (bonus winner)
  5. Don E. Chute – 5 (bonus winner)
  6. Beans – 2
  7. vange – 1
  8. VetTech – 1
  9. sangfroid – 0
  10. Nicole – 0
  11. Frank – 0

So as promised – here is the video for the last game’s ringtone.  And did I give you a hint for this game?  Yes I did.  I did indeed.  You just need to see it.