The last round was pretty tough.  It took Jethro coming out of nowhere to school everyone and let them know that the ring tone was from Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman.  So for all of those who said the first one was too easy, I guess I gave you your medicine.  And just to show that I’m not a jerk, this time I’m going to give you a hint.  And to recap, here is how the game works.

  • First correct answer in the comments gets 5 points.
  • Every other correct answer in the comments gets one point until I say that game is closed.
  • One random person from the post with the correct answer (who didn’t win) will get 5 points instead of 1.  Just so it doesn’t become a runaway.
  • First one to 100 will win something.

Here are the new standings!

  1. Julie From Momspective – 5
  2. jethro – 5
  3. Kyle Dockery – 5 (bonus winner)
  4. PelvicBoogie – 5 (bonus winner)
  5. Beans – 2
  6. vange – 1
  7. Don E. Chute – 0
  8. sangfroid – 0
  9. Nicole – 0
  10. Frank – 0

Nothing like a four way tie for first place to keep things sassy!  Oh, and instead of one hint, I’ll give you two!

  • This song is not by The Clash but The Clash is still a clue.
  • All the words from the title of the song are in this post.  And not little shit words like “the” and “and”.