bacon bikini

The problem with most bacon bikini’s is they’re under cooked. Here’s an example of how to do it right.

It’s National Bikini day! Sure that’s just another excuse to post images of half-naked women but something interesting happened on the way to the sex parade: Swimwear 365 polled 2,000 women and discovered that despite Kim Kardashian endlessly flaunting her bionic curves the iconic “natural” bikini bodies are most popular with women. Raquel Welch was chosen as having the best bikini body.

“No matter where you are in the world, whether on the beach abroad or at home in the U.K., it’s important to feel confident in yourself and what you’re wearing – just like Raquel Welch or Marilyn Monroe.”

Have women decided to embrace their bodies again? The top three spots on the list are all from the days before plastic surgery when women weren’t expected to have the body fat index of a concentration camp survivor. Bond girl Ursula Andress came in second with that white bikini from Dr. No and Marilyn came in third.

Rachel Welch was 26 and the mother of two when she put on that fur bikini for One Million Years BC. She’s 75 and still looks great. I’m tempted to take a time machine and take a peek at what kind of plasticized zombie Kim Kardashian will look like when she’s 75. When you have enough surgery the inevitable result is that you end up looking like Micheal Jackson.

bikini mirrren

Dame Helen Mirren proving that that older ladies can rock the beach too.

The poll cheated a bit. Pamela Anderson, who appears on the list at number six, actually wore a red one-piece on Bay Watch. All that slow motion running sure revived me but remember this is a list chosen exclusively by women not slobbering men.

Brigitte Bardot got in the top ten too but it’s not all nostalgia bodies. Jennifer Lopez came in ninth and Beyoncé was ten. Other big names to appear on the list include Nicole Scherzinger (11th), Sophia Loren (12th), Rihanna (14th) and Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren (16th).

Models, even the SUPERMODELS, fared poorly. Kate Upton the Sports Illustrated model and actress only made it to number 25 while the first supermodel to appear is the Brazilian beauty Gisele, who barely made it to the top 30 at number 29.

This kind of ranking people is degrading. There’s always some kid who’s chosen last for the phys-ed dodge ball team. That feels awful even when you’re just secretly guilty that you weren’t the last one. There has to be an investment into the idea that there’s a true ranking of who’s best at dodge ball or has the best bikini body for the list to work. It’s all subjective especially the dodge ball game.

bikini big

It works for me. That right there is sexy in sunglasses.

I mean who gets to decide that plus sized models can’t sell bikinis on Facebook or Instagram?  Never seen a big woman in a bikini? They’re just as desirable as anyone else. Ladies if you’ve got it flaunt it and don’t worry about where you rank on the bikini body scale. There’s going to be at least one man standing awkwardly so be body positive if you feel like being the body on the beach.


The Top 10 Bikini Bodies as chosen by women:


  1. Raquel Welch

    bikini welch

    Raquel Welch, the 1960s screen siren, has accused modern culture of being obsessed with sex and declared that she is happy to be an “old fogie”.


  1. Ursula Andress

    bikini andress

    Sean Connery agrees that the Swiss make the best Bond Girls.


  1. Marilyn Monroe

    bikini monroe

    Norma Jean was all woman all the time.


  1. Kelly Brook

    bikini brook

    Kelly Brook is an animal lover and posed nude with her body painted in scales for the “Whose Skin Are You In?” campaign


  1. Michelle Keegan

    bikini keegan

    That girl from Coronation Street (A popular British soap) has publicly said she doesn’t think she’s very attractive.


  1. Pamela Anderson

    bikini Pam

    Another mom with two kids just out for a run on the beach.


  1. Brigitte Bardot

    Jour de repos pour Brigitte BARDOT au MEXIQUE pour le tournage du film "VIVA MARIA" de Louis Malle : attitude souriante de l'actrice en maillot de bain, allongée sur le sol de sa maison au coeur même de CUERNAVACA, à 500 m du Zocalo - la place centrale, un appareil photo posé sur un petit pied devant elle.

    Gomez Addams and I both have a thing for those French accents.


  1. Holly Willoughby

    bikini willowby

    This is pretty much the look I get trying to talk to women.


  1. Jennifer Lopez

    bikini lopez

    Rumor has it that the backside is too spectacular for a family site like Superficial Gallery.


  1. Beyoncé

    bikini beyonce

    Stop bleaching yourself woman you look great already!