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Either the water is underpriced or the soda is overpriced.

Questlove, the drummer for Jimmy Fallon’s band the Roots took this picture and put it on Twitter.  I’m going to forego all the outrage and the jokes based on said outrage.  I’m also going to avoid posing the potentially incendiary theory that the menu could be considered by some to be historically significant for black people.  What I secretly hope is that a bunch of people flip out for real and then they will find out that some black person thought up the idea.  That will confuse everyone.  Also I guess my hope is no longer a secret.

Seriously, though.  I really want to know what you think about this one.  I mean – what if it didn’t say in honor of black history month?  What if it said: by special request?  What if it isn’t really from NBC?  As much as I WANT to believe that it is real, how come they can’t spring for the NBC logo on their menu thingy?  And how much is the NBC discount?  And what if it was Jay Leno’s idea?


so do your bitching in the comments.  Or post ways it could be worse for NBC.  But if you are gonna try to be funny, you better succeed.

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  1. Acadia

    And by succeed at being funny I mean you cannot use any other stereotypical black racist foods like watermelon or pheasant.

  2. Evangeline

    Where’s PAT KING?!?!?!

  3. VetTech

    I don’t believe this came from the NBC canteen, I think it was up in a coffee shop next to 30 Rock that gives a discount to network employees. Besides, you can say what you want about the racist lunch special, but it’s still a lot of food for the money by New York standards.

  4. Arianna

    My university is doing the same exact thing next week. We’re having Baked Ham, Chicken Stew with Dumplings, Okra Gumbo, Authentic Cajun Red Beans and Rice, Collard Greens, Dirty Rice, Sweet Potato Pie and Peach Cobbler….

  5. Talen

    The woman that runs the canteen and made said menu up happens to be black and good for her…screw honoring dead people…honor good down home cooking.

    Those people should count themselves lucky to have her instead of some whitebread vegetarian lesbian chick that would probably offer up tofu burgers and stuff made from turkey anus.

  6. VetTech

    Fine…I will be the one to say it… if they were going for racist stereotype they would have put watermelon on the menu. But since they didn’t- no harm/ no foul…just yummy deep fried fowl.

  7. Acadia

    I’m so glad what I wanted to have happen was what happened. HA!

  8. vange


  9. ChuckWow

    What will they be serving for white history month ?

  10. vange

    That’s pheasant too, darlin.


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