Neil Patrick Harris, about to kill a bear

Neil Patrick Harris, about to kill a bear

Can’t say I’ve ever once even considered watching How I Met your Mother. Heard it’s good, just, for some reason the idea of a comedy and CBS isn’t something that computes with me.

Hell, all of CBS pretty much does not compute with me. Other than Big Brother, I don’t think there is a single CBS show I watch consistently.

I’m not saying this is a wise decision, but I flipped to the network once and Jay Mohr had a sitcom on there running. Really, you give Jay Mohr a sitcom and expect me to flip back there for other shows? I’m not saying it’s impossible to happen, but you’ve just made it a huge uphill battle.

So, yeah. Emmys. Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting them whenever they are, announcement next week. All you need to know about the worthlessness of the Emmys is that The Wire never won an Emmy.

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