This is Scarlet Johansson at Nerd Prom. She looks like total dork shit. This is the power of Nerd Prom

Every year, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner allows people who know who Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, Cynthia Tucker and Tucker Carlson are.  The chattering class gets all gussied up and bumps elbows with actual famous people.  And the highlight of the show are the host’s (this year it was Seth Myers, a pretty safe choice) opening salvo of jokes at the expense of everyone and the the President ripping on some fools.  My fave jokes, the President’s and Seth Myers’ pieces are below.  Have fun.  Pretend you’re all wired in and smart.  And watch how Trump fucking SCOWLS while he’s getting beat up by Myers.  Pussy.

  • Myers on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan: “He believes the American people have said loud and clear: Stop using my tax dollars to take care of me!”
  • Myers on Katie Couric: “Katie was known best for asking those tough questions like ‘Name a newspaper.'”
  • Obama entered to Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” and offered a clip from “The Lion King” as his birth video.
  • Myers did a bit about Joe Biden booking a train to London and described the MSNBC afterpart as: Obama makes the Kool-Aid and they all drink it.

Have fun.