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Rachel Maddow loves being a lesbian.

Don’t know how much you all care about politics (I don’t think the Gallery has helped the Iraninas much) but you may like Washington professionals who act like fucked up dummies just like we do.  The pic to the left is Ana Marie Cox and Rachel Maddow.  Maddow you know as the handsome young MSNBC liberal fellow lady.  Cox (heh) is the firecrotch who shows up as a talking head on lots of cable shows and may have one of the most entertaining Twitter pages ever.

She was at #nerdprom which is what they were calling he Radio and TV something something dinner last night in Washington where the Prez told some jokes.  But what I find fascinating is how Cox (heh) does not have her own show yet.  One of her tweets from the dinner was this:

made it to the MS after party! With its weird passkey/cockring invite and everything!

How bad ass is that?  You almost never hear newscasters talk publicly about cockrings.  Except for Dan Rather, but that guy’s a mess.  So, if you don’t feel that twinge of loserdom that comes with following someone who doesn’t follow back, then follow Cox.  And hope she gets her own show.  And watch Obama and the guy from the Apple Commercials (the PC guy, not the other fuck) tell some jokes below.  And someone get me Ana Marie Cox’s phone number.  And did Bush ever go to this dinner?  I bet he was funny.  He was the funniest President we ever had.  And I don’t mean in the political rage dipshit way.  I mean he was a funny guy.  Anyway, watch this shit and hook me up with Ana Marie.  Unless she’s a lesbian.  Then forget it.  I can’t deal with that again.

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  1. vettech

    She can’t get her own show if she can’t tell the difference between a keyring and a cock ring.

  2. vettech

    Unless I’ve been using a cock ring for a key ring all this time…oh no…

  3. nipsy

    There are simply some things in Washington you are never supposed to speak of. The secret “cockring invites” are one of them. She’ll never get her own show now.

  4. Joelle

    New favorite.

    and I love Rachel Maddow.


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