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New Mexico vs. Baseball.

Did they pick the name cause of the Simpson's?  Someone find out.  Cause if they did, that's awesome.

Did they pick the name cause of the Simpson's? Someone find out. Cause if they did, that's awesome.

OK – the bottom line on this story is that this kid in ABQ got hit by a home run at a game.  Now, in the history of baseball, there is apparently some sort of thing called “The Baseball Rule” which says:

The Baseball Rule says as long as the team puts up screens to protect the stands behind home plate, they can’t be sued if a fan is hurt.

But a NM court said fuck that, according to this story from Albuquerque…frontier news or some shit.

Four-year-old Emilio Crespin and his family were enjoying a pregame picnic in the left field stands. During batting practice, a home run hit Emilio in the head.

The damage was extensive.

Jake Vigil, the family’s lawyer, said the ball wound up, “Fracturing his skull, causing a subdural hematoma which is now turned into a hard cyst in his brain and he has suffered permanent brain damage.”

Now, the easy answer on this is: fucking people suing everyone – that’s what’s wrong with this country etc. etc.  In fact, my original title for this post was: New Mexico Ruins Baseball.  But then I thought about it a little more and some questions popped up and it was not so easy a topic as I originally thought.  First I thought: New Mexico has courts?  I thought they just dragged people out of the saloon and shot them or strung ’em up or whatever cowboys do.  Then I thought: how come baseball does not have to follow the same rules as everyone else?  Why did we have to put up with the USFL and the XFL but nobody else can have a baseball league?  Fuck baseball.  If I have to pay $75.00 a set for a major league game, then let some of that money ‘trickle down’ to the Isotopes so they can pay off that kid who got his head cracked open.

Anyway – what do you think.  This shit is complicated.

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  1. Christa Bledsoe

    Thank you. I agree, the first answer to anything in this country is to sue. Forget acknowledging any type of personal responsibility! Though I think it was an unfortunate accident I don’t think they should be able to sue the baseball team. That’s ridiculous. When you go to a baseball game unless you’re an idiot you know there is a possibility of getting hit by a ball, you are also fully aware of how fast the ball flies and what it could potentially do to you if you are in fact struck. If you go knowingly and then get hit by a ball, unless they did it on purpose, how is that anyone else’s fault?

  2. vange

    The name does, indeed, come from The Simpsons. How you like NM now, Mister East Coast Superiority?


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