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Acadia Einstein

I never pimp out all the celeb pics we have but I totally am now because I found the best tongue pic I have found in a while.  You know M.I.A.?  She got in trouble at the Super Bowl for giving the finger?  She also seems to have the longest Wikipedia entry I have ever seen.  I think her wiki page is longer than the one about World War II and she only has four albums.

Seriously, Wikipedia, you stink.  How can you have that big of a page for this chick when I can’t even get a paragraph?   This is why I use Urban Dictionary.  Well, that and because the things I usually look up are usually gross and stupid.  But at least I am still beating that stupid Acadia University!  Go ahead – look.

Anyway – go check out the gif (totally worth it) and then watch the video.  Then move along.  I don’t have all day.

M.I.A. Tongue Pics

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  1. Skinner
    June 12, 2012 at 10:44 am

    That’s no tongue, it’s a mouth shark.

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