The Lightship “Nantucket” in East Boston Shipyard, summer 2015.

OK gang – we have a new episode of Strangeful Things up, and this time we head into the water for Episode 8.  We look at three lesser known ghost ships before we handle the mother of all Ghost Ships.  Head over to find out what we found out when the Fell Companions decided to take a dip into the Sea.

But before you go – take a look at the stuff below.  It is like a clue for part of the episode.  But we aren’t going to explain it.  We will just show you so you get all excited about it.  We are like Westworld!


Diagram of a ship (the Mayflower to be exact)

Here is some interesting info about fata morgana, and a few example images.





Ridiculous “ghost ship” video BNev found