This is apparently the Ransom Gillis mansion in Detroit and according to Batman News it might be the new Wayne Manor in the Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice movie.  Sort of looks like crap but I have to assume they know what they’re doing.  Plus, as the article says, they can do a lot of CGI stuff to fix it.  Which begs the question: why not just make a whole CGI house?

BUT!  The important takeaway from this is that there are free mansions sitting around in Detroit and NOBODY is taking advantage of this?  Seriously?  That house is bad ass.  I am not pretending to be a Detroit expert (that would be Doctor Detroit) but if I had a big company like Google or something I would just start buying the whole place.  Lay Google fiber everywhere, throw up a bunch of windmills and solar panels for electricity and all you would need is water which I assume you could get from Lake Erie or whatever.

Then get all the crackheads, methheads and poor people still stuck there and give them jobs fixing up all the houses.  And as an added bonus they get to keep their own houses and fix them up or whatever.  Like it would be a big group effort (except for crack and meth which would have to be eliminated).  Hire cops and fire fighters and boom!  Your own town.

Then people who work for Google would have a choice between working in California or New Detroit.  If they stay in Cali they get nice weather and a sweet environment.  If they go to New Detroit they get 40 feet of snow and a free mansion.  That’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned.  Oh, and everyone in New Detroit would also get a self-driving car.  And they should bring back trolleys.

I need to see if this will work.  Is there a Detroit mod for Sim City?