High Heels

Hey everyone, you’ll be glad to know that France has completed a super important study: they have concluded that high heels are sexy and have an effect on (I assume straight) men! Thanks, French science. What would we do without you?

Suggestions for your next study:heels

  • Do cats like yarn?
  • Does wine make people drunk?
  • When you are hungry should you eat food?
  • Is fire hot?

I anxiously await the results. I am pretty sure I knew high heels were sexy when I was about 4. I should have moved to France and become a scientist.

By the way, I may be known as that angry person always yelling about feminism but I have no beef with high heels, as long as nobody makes me wear them when I don’t want to. Ladies, you should wear whatever the hell you want, be it Toms or stripper heels. Although if you want to be all science-y about it…

Tell me in the comments all your deep thoughts on the height of heels in lady footwear.